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Getaway Murder Mystery Weekend in the Fabulous Florida Keys!


Getaway Murder Mystery Weekend during the Natchez Spring Antebellum Pilgrimage 2024



PO Box 6186

Sitka, Alaska 99835

Tel: 907-738-1743



Are you ready to add a little excitement to your weekend? 

Could you use a much needed vacation but are looking for something different?


Murder Mystery Weekends are designed to do just that! Escape for the weekend to one of our exciting locations and attend an evening cocktail party where one of the guests mysteriously dies. The murderer could have been anyone at the party, it could have been you! Everyone becomes a suspect. Your quest is to uncover the clues, many are located in locked and hidden places, where you will have to utilize your Escape Room skills to discover them.  You and your fellow party goers will have the weekend to uncover the mystery. 

It is certain to be a weekend of fun, mystery, and a very good time!

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