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7pm  Costume Cocktail Party (light hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar) Costumes are highly recommended but not mandatory

Champagne Toast with the Party Host

A murder is discovered

Everyone is a suspect - and the only way to prove yourself innocent is to prove someone else guilty!

The real question is, who is the real murderer? Clues are hidden in locked boxes ... ones that need to be opened using clues from the party...

It's going to be a deliciously fun challenge...are you up to it?!

You are on vacation! Enjoy your day doing what you like to do best in a new city.

Optional Scavenger Hunt in the historic district of town - gather clues in solving the mystery while exploring the sights.

7pm  The Mystery Continues (light hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar)

The Great Alaskan Mustache & Beard Contest

More clues are revealed when a key is uncovered

Spend the evening mingling with the other party guests, trying to determine the murderer and their motive...or perhaps just listen as other people discuss the murder around you; you may not want share your theory, it is after all a game to be won.

10am Sunday Brunch and the

Great Reveal!

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